A Day in the Life of Alex

What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Check Twitter and Facebook on my phone – bad habit but I can’t break it!

Do you have a morning routine? Hit the snooze button as many times as I can before forcing myself into the shower. As you may be able to tell, I’m not a morning person.

What do you have for breakfast? Not really a breakfast guy – usually a strong black coffee if I have time.

When do you leave to go to work? About half 8, perks of being close enough to be able to walk into work!
What is the very first thing you do when you get into the office? Turn on the computer, settle in and make a rough plan of action for the day.

Talk through a typical day in the office, what do you do? Such a cliché but no such thing as a typical day! That plan of action can very quickly be ripped up depending on registrations, interviews, sorting CVs, all sorts…you really just need to be able to react and adapt to different situations very quickly!

What’s your favourite thing to do on your lunch? Wander into the city and find something from a nice café – can’t beat a freshly baked sausage roll…

When do you leave off work? Again, have to be flexible to the needs of your clients and candidates! 6pm when I can, but sometimes it can be much later.

What is the first thing you do when you get home? Make dinner, then usually begin working my way through a tv boxset.

It’s time for Tea, what would be your ideal meal? Ooooh tough one! I love a pasta bake, or if I’m really treating myself steak and chips with a glass of Aussie shiraz!

What do you spend your evenings doing? Crash on the sofa, turn on sky sports and catch up on twitter. Decide whether to treat myself to a glass of wine or be good and stick to water. Open a bottle of wine.

Recruitment is full of highs and lows, but there is nothing better than working alongside an experienced team who you are constantly learning from. In my short time with R13 I have learnt so much – no two days are quite the same. Being able to get to know new people every day and helping them find the perfect job is such a rewarding feeling, nothing quite like it!