Endorsements & Testimonials

We're immensly proud of the relationships and partnerships we've formed in the course of the business.
This is a selection of what our candidates say about us.

Would definitely recommend, successfully found work through them within 2 weeks of making first contact. My consultant was brilliant with me and really put in the work to inform me about the role and company and make sure I was fully prepared for the interview.

Rob - August 2018
- Service Delivery Consultant

I have worked with my consultant for the last two to three months, and when he first contacted me, I felt that he was someone who could make a difference. He sees the bigger picture, looking beyond merely the last two years of your CV, which many a consultant rely on when placing candidates. He made me feel confident and assured, which in turn allowed me to make an informed decision at each stage. He was professional, open and realistic. He also looks beyond the words written on a CV or job description to ensure the personalities complemented one another. I would recommend my consultant and R13 based on the level of care and professionalism I received. It was an absolute pleasure working with him.

Craig - October 2018
- Head of Sales

My consultant has honestly been the most helpful, kind and understanding person I have probably been blessed with on my search for a new role. Not only did she keep me in the loop the whole process with what she required from me and also the status of my interviews, but she has helped me to secure a new position in just weeks of my new search. 2 interviews with one company and I have already found the perfect position for me. I honestly cannot recommend my consultant enough. Thank you sweetie for all your help! It won't be forgotten :-). I honestly would not be starting my dream job if it wasn't for you

Toni - November 2018
- Placement & Progression Officer

I spent 12 years contracting and though most work was through recommendations, I dealt with a lot of agencies both when dealing with contracts as well as looking for next post.

I’m happy to say that there is a huge difference between an ‘agency’ and a recruitment consultant. My consultant has been great in all aspects of providing a true recruitment consultancy service - helping me review, prepare for, and ultimately succeed in finding next career move. I’d recommend my consultant and the Rthirteen team to anyone.

Jason - December 2018
- IT Manager

My consulant is a fantastic recruitment specialist. I’ve had the pleasure of working along side her over the last couple of weeks. She has been kind and has always looked to go the extra mile for me, offering guidance and assistance when needed. She has recently placed me in my first full time job post university. Nothing but good words to speak about her and the entire R13 team in Norwich.

Will - October 2018
- Fiduciary Technician

May I just take the opportunity to pass on my sincere thanks to R13 and my consultant for all the help and support they have given over what has been an incredibly traumatic time.

You may not think it's much but just having the bit of support made a world of difference. As I said last time, although it's your 'job', it comes across that you all genuinely care and are nice and helpful people.

This is not true of every agency and I will certainly recommend R13 exclusively to anyone looking for a new job.

Alex - August 2018
- Teacher

Enjoyed every step looking for new employment with rthirteen, my consultant was always approachable when any questions arised and available at any time.

I don’t think I would of been able to achieve half as much without R13 help, I honestly felt like people believed in me and pushed me to acheive my best.

Courtney - August 2018
- Commercial Account Advisor

For those who have been in a position of searching for a new job will understand how frustrating it can be to get a good job than what you had before. And finding or having the right support is the most difficult thing one can face believe me I have been there especially for someone like me coming from a different background and culture. But, if life grants you help by offering a hand of help through someone who do their job with passion and also helps everyone with the same respect and support regardless of were you come from, your culture or background. At first I was scared leaving my job as I wasn’t sure I was making the right decision but not only did my consultant make it easy for me to make a decision but also help me understand the role I was applying for and made me realise that actually it was a upgrade and will also help me develop my skills even more. Life can be easier when you have the right support and that’s what my consultant did exactly, I couldn’t be any more happier! So a big thank you to R13 recruitment but mostly to my consultant for the support, effort and time throughout my journey and making my experience so much easier and fun too. I would really recommend R13 if you are a fragile person and you need the best support throughout your journey. 

Immy - November 2018
- Customer Care Advisor

In what ended up by being a difficult situation with the client, after previously attending an interview and being told that a job was on offer, the client then decided to not respond to communication to confirm this. My consultant then managed to arrange an alternative interview through another party within the organisation, which after another interview (and additional associated cost) ended up by being successful.

My consultant has always been professional, helpful and informative in his dealings with me, keeping me as up to date as he could, right from our initial communication about the possibility of contacting the client, through the difficulties encountered and twice having the ability to tell me that I had been offered a job. He has always called me back when he said he would, or when I have called and left a message, which in my experience is a rarity from a recruiter. He has been able to build a rapport with me to the extent that I felt that he was working as much for me, as he was to gain business for R13. I am grateful for all his help in assisting me to secure this role.

Stuart - October 2018
- Buyer

Professional, Attentive and an absolute pleasure to work with. I cannot thank my consultant and R13 recruitment enough for the help, support and advice they have given me. If you are looking for a recruiter who has the highest standards and takes the greatest care, I could not recommend them more highly. Thank you! 😊

Ryan - September 2018
- Recruitment & Induction Officer

What a brilliant guy my consultant is, securing me my new role with such professionalism, going the extra mile to help me out with everything i needed, shout out to my consultant and R13 for the amazing opportunity they have provided me with, would hugely recommend them as an agency.

Marcus - September 2018
- Call Centre Representative

My consultant was with me throughout the whole process of getting a job, getting an interview, securing the job and making sure that everything was alright once I had the job. I never expected to be looked after like that, especially in such an excellent manner. He was always quick to reply, emails with important information and documentation was always sent right away. My consultant is incredible in communicating and making sure everything runs smoothly. Can only recommend them and especially his service!

Hendrik - November 2018
- Customer Service Advisor

I could not fault my consultant, she was supportive and encouraging throughout the entire process. Always gave me enough details so I was full prepped for the interview. I felt very confident.My consultant helped me every step of the way. Even when I was turned down by one job, she bumped up my confidence and thankfully, because of R13 I am now employed. I personally worked a lot with one consultant but I know I saw others, and everyone has been wonderful. I really appreciated the help as I was away in Cambridge.

Sophie - October 2018
- Sales Support Executive