Endorsements & Testimonials

We're immensly proud of the relationships and partnerships we've formed in the course of the business.
This is a selection of what our clients say about us.

My consultant is very personable guy who is great at what he does. He identified a dream role, made sure I applied and was very helpful throughout the interview and negotiation phase.

Nathan - August 2018
- Digital Campaign Manager

R13 are responsible for placing about 70% of our team. Their service is dedicated, personal and thorough - and we're pleased to have an exclusivity arrangement with them that is mutually beneficial to our companies. They have really got to know our company and culture, meaning that they find people who not only have the skills and attitude that we require, but the personality types that will work in our lovely team.

We challenge R13 by asking for really specific skillsets within our field - and they consistently go above and beyond to find the right candidates for us. The candidates are always well-prepared for interview, and almost always a 100% perfect fit for our organisation.

In the past 12 months we have doubled in size, and R13’s support has been pivotal to making sure we have the right people joining us and at the right time. From senior strategists to PPC specialists, they have taken the time to understand the jargon of our industry and pre-qualify candidates effectively. We have a very low staff turnaround within our company, which we attribute not only to our culture, but also to R13’s capacity to find the right people to join us.

Rebecca - October 2018
- Managing Director

I initially made contact with R13 when I was looking to engage an agency who would work with me collaboratively on a large scale business change project within in my contact centre. The  requirement was for an agency to support us, not only in terms of providing CV’s and bodies, but in terms of understanding the sensitive nature of the change and effectively managing the various campaigns ranging from Contact Centre Manager to Team Leader to Contact Centre Reps and specialist roles incorporating Compliance and Quality.

The team at R13 provided a seamless service. They regularly visit onsite and have wholeheartedly embraced the change and cultural developmental journey we are on. They consult to us, they add value in providing us with market knowledge, and feedback in relation to ideas to continue to improve our recruitment, induction and retention operations. They truly support our Mangers with a comprehensive after care service.

They understand our business, they get “it”, and the candidates they provide are well informed, well prepared and completely suitable for the roles we have available – and they are happy here and they stay. They have provided us with an excellent range and calibre of applicants who have successfully contributed to building an operation which is exceeding targets and surpassing EMT’s expectations in terms of performance.

R13’s attention to detail and dedication to service excellence are a credit to the recruitment sector, and they will continue to support our business operations in the future.

Mike - September 2018
- Head of Contact Centre

Having known a few consultants from the R13 team when they worked in previous recruitment roles (for more years than we are all happy to admit…) it was great from a client perspective that their paths have now joined under rthirteen.

Myself and the management team have complete confidence that the rthirteen team know both our business, our employees and our customer base to be able to source candidates that they know will be well received and a strong fit with the business here. The team will always go above and beyond (a phrase too often used but so true in this case) to meet our needs whatever hour of the day that may be, and I for one certainly see them as an extension of the HR team here.

Matt - July 2018
- Head of HR

Having worked with many recruitment consultants in the past, both as an employer and previously as a jobseeker, I have experienced a variety of styles and company philosophies.   For us, running our own small healthcare business is a busy job with lots of plates spinning at any one time.  Recruitment is vital to our success, but it takes time and expertise to recruit properly, and recruit people who are going to fit in and stick around.

I found R13 to have an attitude that matched ours – entrepreneurial, engaged, with a sense of urgency, and focused on achieving our goal: to recruit a graduate-trainee with specific skills and career aspirations.  They listened to our requirements, which were particular to our industry and company needs, and didn’t waste our time with candidates unless they possessed many of the skills on our wish-list. Furthermore, they carried out an introductory interview on our behalf, before providing us with a shortlist of suitable individuals.  The result was a smooth, hassle-free interview process, allowing us to make a quick but thorough assessment and move forward with a job offer.  This meant we could fill an important position without dilly-dallying, with a young professional who has slotted in immediately to our growing business.  It’s important to get recruitment right – our people are as crucial to the success of our business as our products, suppliers and customers. R13 get this, and potentially saved us weeks of time searching for the ideal person.  Thanks to Luke, Bex, Kim and the team.

David - August 2019
- Director

I’d score R13 a 10/10. They have a different approach to recruitment consultancy. They care about both the client and the candidate. It’s as though they see their fees and commission as a consequence of using their expertise to do a great job, rather than a goal. Highly recommended.


Richard - May 2018
- Head of Business Development

We trust R13 with our recruitment, we have a partner that ensures we provide an outstanding customer experience for the candidates and a partner that truly understands our business and brand. As a recognised brand locally its important for us to ensure our recruitment partner choice reflects and enhances our brand, as we move further afield from our local base we need a partner that can market our brand and provide an outstanding experience – we have this with R13. Most importantly however a recruitment partner must help us find the best people for our business in skills and values fit, R13 truly understands our business and what makes a great employee at our company. Their hires prove to be highly successful in their respective roles and great fit within their respective teams. We are also able to hire for niche / hard to fill roles thanks to the skills and resources R13 provide us. R13 continues to remain at the top spot for our recruitment partner choice thanks to this outstanding service and results.  

Michael - December 2019
- Senior HR Advisor

We have used R13 for a number of years now, and built up a good relationship with the team, especially Luke Plane who has been our main contact.

When we are looking for candidates for vacancies, they are very proactive in ensuring that any candidates sent through to us have been vetted first to ensure that they are potentially right  for us,  and our requirements.This means that we save a lot of time in sifting through applicants and making a suitable shortlist.

We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them.

Margot - August 2019
- Office Manager

The rthirteen team helped us find someone incredibly quickly for a difficult to fill and demanding role. Their team was quick to respond to requests, kept us updated even when it was outside of office hours and really listened to our requirements. The speed and efficiency of the placement has made them well worth their fee, I'll definitely be using them again in the future.


Mark - January 2019
- Digital Marketing Director

Finding the right people to join our team is very important and working with R13 has been instrumental in growing the team with the right skills and experience.  My consultant’s professionalism is second to none and their understanding of our business and culture are excellent.


Louisa - June 2018
- HR Manager

rthirteen have worked with us in finding the right candidates for hard to fill vacancies, such as a Pensions Officer and a Finance Supervisor.  By taking time to understand how our organisation works and asking comprehensive questions about each role, rthirteen are able to put forward only the candidates who are the best fit for both that specific role and our organisation. 

rthirteen are honest when they cannot find anyone suitable to put forward in order that we can consider other ways of filling vacancies without delay.  I feel that the groundwork rthirteen have put in in getting to know us and the type of roles we have means that we have confidence when placing vacancies with them that our time will not be wasted in receiving a large number of CVs of unsuitable candidates.

Hilary - July 2019
- Director of HR

Having worked with R13 for Several years now I can say that they offer a first-class service. I would class them as more of a ‘recruitment sniper’ than a recruitment agency. They send through a small, yet highly vetted and targeted candidate list, who all have exciting potential no matter what the role is. In a fast-paced work environment this less is more approach when it comes reading CV’s makes R13 a partner of choice.

Taking the time to understand the needs of the role as well as the feel of the business environment, has helped them to get a high success rate, so to say they understand business needs is an understatement. The time and effort they spend investigating how things work is a refreshing change, to what can be a ‘spray and pay’ general industry strategy.

The added support and insight which is provided (as standard) regarding the current candidate landscape, is highly valuable when managing internal expectations and ensuring the right package is offered to attract the best quality of applicant. Keep up the great work!

Nick - March 2019
- Group Account Director